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The main considerations when choosing a hemp oil extract product

So you have done your research and now understand what hemp oil is. After reading or hearing about how it has helped so many people, you decide to try a hemp oil product. You sit down at your computer and google “hemp oil products.” What you think will be a swift and easy process, however, quickly makes you feel as if you are swimming in a sea of hundreds of hemp extract brands and products.


If this has been your experience, you are far from being alone. With the recent explosion of all types of hemp oil in stores and online, it is getting increasingly hard to discern which brand of hemp oil has the most health benefits. In this article, we will cut through the murkiness and present the most critical aspects of choosing the most potent, pure, and clean hemp oil product.


Many elements go into bringing hemp oil from a plant to your hands, and every step of the way has opportunities for different levels of potency. The caliber of the finished product largely depends on the small differences that happen along the journey of hemp oil production. It is crucially important, therefore, to understand the scientific reasoning behind the quality and efficiency of different hemp oil brands and products before coming to a decision regarding which one to use. When you have done thorough research, you can feel confident that you are buying the hemp oil that will provide you with the largest spectrum of the health benefits that are available from this miracle plant.

Who We Are

Hemp Oil CBD For Anxiety & Stress Relief

Founded by two idealistic visionaries with an eye towards integrative wellness, we are a family company that is committed to creating unique and healthful products in small, controlled batches. At White Cedar, we genuinely believe in the wholesomeness of our products and are proud of the measures we have taken to ensure that we bring our customers only the highest-grade hemp oil products available.

Sourcing our hemp extract

Hemp Oil CBD For Anxiety & Stress Relief

Where the hemp comes from makes all the difference in how it works in your body. We responsibly and sustainably source our hemp oil from hemp plants (sometimes called industrial hemp) that grow in the pristine and natural environment of a spacious Colorado farm. Grown and produced in the local United States, our hemp oil comes from hemp plants that are carefully tended and nurtured. We never use pesticides or genetically modified ingredients. Instead, we utilize Mother Nature’s holistic process, which provides us with the highest-quality organic hemp oil available on the market.


Our Unique Strain of hemp extract

All hemp oil is not created equal. Our unique strain of hemp oil, called “cherry,” has a milder and sweeter taste than other strains and is known for its medicinal compounds and multiple health benefits. Its floral scent and calming personality make it the prime choice of many hemp connoisseurs.


Extraction Methods

Hemp Oil CBD For Anxiety & Stress Relief Co2 Cold Extract

The process of producing hemp oil begins with harvesting the hemp plants. Once the plants are collected, there are three main ways to extract hemp oil from the raw plant material, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.


1. Olive Oil 

With this method, olive oil is used as the main component in the separation process between the healthful cannabinoids of the hemp plant and its unwanted parts, such as the chlorophyll. This is a safe and inexpensive way to extract hemp oil, but the finished product is perishable and must be stored under the right conditions to retain its full potency and effectiveness.


2.  Dry Ice Method

The dry ice method of hemp oil extraction is relatively cheap and can even be done at home, which is one of its significant advantages. With this method, dry ice is used to separate the plant material from the resin, which contains healthy compounds. When the hemp comes into contact with the low temperatures of the dry ice, the resin freezes and can then be separated from the leftover materials. Although this method is easy and quick, the finished product is of a lesser quality than the CO2 method, and the extract can easily be ruined if the process is not done correctly.


3.  Supercritical CO2 extraction

This method is by far the most complex and costly. At roughly 39,000 dollars for an extraction machine, this method is expensive and cannot be completed without professional chemists. To extract hemp oil with the supercritical CO2 method, three main machinery components are needed: the extraction vessel, the accumulator, and the separator.


First, the extraction vessel is filled with the plant material, also called the trim. Next, the accumulator is filled with CO2, and the CO2 undergoes a temperature and pressure change until it reaches what is known as the “supercritical state.” This supercritical state occurs when the CO2 is in between a liquid and a gas. While in this state, the CO2 takes on some properties of a gas, while retaining some features of a liquid.


When the CO2 has reached the desired pressure and temperature, it is pumped into the extraction vessel, where it mixes with the trim. Since the CO2 has properties of both a gas and a liquid, it can diffuse through the plant material like a gas, while dissolving material like a liquid. The CO2 binds with the resin and leaves the unwanted material behind.


Finally, the CO2 and resin combination goes into the separator, where the temperature is lowered, causing the CO2 to separate from the resin. The oil is then extracted from the resin and drips out from the separator as pure hemp oil.


Hemp Oil CBD White Cedar Naturals

Benefits of CO2 Extraction

Although this method is costly, the benefits are well worth the expense. The main advantages of this method are safety and purity. CO2 is considered a safe substance, since it is naturally created by our bodies, and is FDA-approved to be used in food products. Studies have shown that some extraction methods that are used to produce hemp oil utilize harmful, petroleum-based chemicals in the separation process. One of the greatest benefits of the CO2 extraction method is that it does not allow any harmful compounds to come into contact with the hemp oil.


In addition to being safe for humans to consume, CO2-extraction is safe for the environment. It is considered to be a form of “green chemistry,” because it has no harmful effects on the environment and leaves behind no toxic residue in the environment or in the product.


The supercritical CO2 extraction method produces an extract that is unique in its level of potency and effectiveness. The hemp oil produced in this manner has the highest level of purity with the most minuscule amount of risk from contaminants. The finished product is considered microbiologically sterile and is free of chlorophyll and other unwanted components of the hemp plant. At White Cedar, we insist on using only the supercritical-CO2 extraction method, no matter the cost. Since potency and effectiveness are our foremost concerns, we do everything we can to ensure that our products have the highest level of purity and quality.


Hemp Oil CBD For Anxiety & Stress Relief

Our Values

Our overarching goal is to further the wholesomeness and well-being of our planet. We believe in giving back to the environment by spreading our knowledge of wellness throughout the world. We are particularly passionate about helping all people improve their wellbeing, regardless of their financial status. 10% of all of our income is given to charity, to help improve the welfare of underprivileged individuals who may not have the resources to care for their health properly. We are a family-run business, and we believe in the power of a few committed and forward-thinking individuals to have an impact on the environment, the planet, and the people that inhabit it.




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